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The Politics of Nuclear Waste: An Interview with Andrei Stsiapanau*

by Alicia Gutting, PhD student Nuclear energy is a highly debated field and depending on the societal context usually either embraced or fully rejected. From an outsider position it sometimes seems as if there was no in between: you are either pro- or anti-nuclear. This does not solely apply to times of active nuclear energy … Continue reading “The Politics of Nuclear Waste: An Interview with Andrei Stsiapanau*”

Examining nature and society through urban infrastructure (NATURE)

by Timos Karpouzoglou With funding recently received from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, a new 3-year project has been launched at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. In the project NATURE, we are an international team of researchers that will be looking at an all too familiar term these days but with a slightly different … Continue reading “Examining nature and society through urban infrastructure (NATURE)”

Launch of The InsSciDE Project

KTH will play an important role in the consortium, created under the coordination of professor Pascal Griset of Sorbonne Université and Director of the Institute of Communication Sciences (CNRS). Nina Wormbs and Miyase Christensen will be a part of this Horizon 2020 project that kicks off now in January. The project consists of 14 research … Continue reading “Launch of The InsSciDE Project”

ERC Consolidator Grant to the Division

NUCLEARWATERS develops a groundbreaking new approach to studying the history of nuclear energy A few weeks ago Per Högselius got the good news that he was one of two researcher from KTH to receive an ERC Consolidator grant. His project NUCLEARWATERS will get funding for five years and at least six researcher will get an … Continue reading “ERC Consolidator Grant to the Division”

Be sure to check out the ENTITLE blog – a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

Entitle blog is a collaborative writing effort that looks at the world through the lens of political ecology. For us, Political Ecology is a perspective that seeks to understand who is involved in, and who benefits or loses from, how our environment is produced and reproduced. It was founded in 2014 by fellows of the … Continue reading “Be sure to check out the ENTITLE blog – a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology”

Occupy Climate Change (OCC!)! 

instead of studying the resilient subjects, we should “identify the actors and processes that produce the need to build resilience in the first place” (ibid.) We are happy to announce that the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory recently received a positive message from Formas. The project Occupy Climate Change!, proposed by Marco Armiero, is awarded almost 900.000 … Continue reading “Occupy Climate Change (OCC!)! “

Sustainable communities and heritage politics beyond nature-culture divide – funding from Formas

Formas granted the divisions Kati Lindström funding for the project Sustainable communities and heritage politics beyond nature-culture divide: Heritage development as a strategy against depopulation in Japan. The project will start next year and run until the end of year 2020. The aim is to analyse the use of heritage development as a possible strategy against depopulation, … Continue reading “Sustainable communities and heritage politics beyond nature-culture divide – funding from Formas”

Is there life on Mars?

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) recently granted the Divisions Sabine Höhler’s application Life on Mars: The Science and Fiction of Terraforming and the Future of Planet Earth. The project will start in the beginnig of 2018 and run for three years. A procjet page is coming up, but in the meantime please read the applicatoin abstract for more information … Continue reading “Is there life on Mars?”

Toxic Bios homepage is launched!

Source: Toxic Bios Testing a new plug in for the blog that helps me to publish information directly from homepages. Be sure to check the new Toxic Bios homepage out! TOXICBIOS  abbreviation for Toxic Autobiographies, is a Public Environmental Humanities project based at KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in Stockholm and funded the by Seed Box, a Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities … Continue reading “Toxic Bios homepage is launched!”

Cosmopolitanism from the Margins project comes to an end

The VR funded project Cosmopolitanism from the Margins, lead by Miyase Christensen and hosted by the Division, recently ended. The planned final product of the project was a guest-edited​ journal special issue “Postnormative Cosmopolitanism: Voice, Space and Politics”  for the International Communication Gazette, which can be found here: The journal includes an article written by Miyase together with doctoral student … Continue reading “Cosmopolitanism from the Margins project comes to an end”