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High Temperature Power Electronic Systems with SiC Integrated Circuits


FIVE reasons why SiC is HOT


FIVE reasons slide presentation

KTH achieves 500 °C and 600 °C operation with digital integrated circuit


ECL-based SiC logic circuits for extreme temperatures
Lanni, L., Malm, B. G., Östling, M., and Zetterling, C.-M.
Materials Science Forum, 821-823, p. 910, 2015.

500 °C Bipolar Integrated OR/NOR Gate in 4H-SiC
Lanni, L., Malm, B.G., Östling, M., Zetterling, C.-M.
IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol 34(9), pp. 1091 – 1093, 2013.

KTH achieves 500 °C

operation with analog integrated circuit


A Monolithic, 500 °C Operational Amplifier in 4H-SiC Bipolar Technology
Hedayati, R., Lanni, L., Rodriguez, S., Malm, B.G., Rusu, A., Zetterling, C.-M.
IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol 35(7), pp. 693 – 695, 2014.

Part of the project group receives funding for Wallenberg project Working on Venus