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First things first – a great summer break

What’s happening in the autumn? This is a question I’ve often been asked by many of my soon-to-be colleagues recently, when I’ve been out and about meeting them – and that in itself has been hugely enjoyable and educational.

Following the President’s decision on the programme directive, we are now ready for the next step which will involve sorting and prioritising during the autumn. As well as the groundwork involved in revising and adapting the rules of procedure and delegation to the new organisation, we also need to start taking a closer look at the areas our audit has highlighted as needing particular attention.

Alongside all this, there are various changes that we’ll be starting on this autumn as well. There is no good reason to wait.

These may be areas where we can already see quick opportunities for development and streamlining, measures that will benefit us all.

Security is one area we’ll be addressing in the autumn, building an organisation that meets all of KTH’s security requirements. This is just one aspect of the merging of our support services, whereby joint and local support services will be more closely coordinated and made more efficient.

At the end of the year I’ll be making a decision on a three-year operational plan for support services, which will form the basis of ongoing efforts. The programme will be implemented by 30 September 2026 – just before KTH’s 200th anniversary.

But before we grab this autumn by the horns, I’d like to wish you all a great, relaxing summer break!