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Great committment

I will soon have met the vast majority of the people who will be part of the new joint Support Services  (VS) from 1 January next year. The visits to the various departments of University Administration at the schools began in the spring and will be completed during the autumn. I have found this a hugely rewarding process.

Sometimes I meet one of the 1,100 or so VS employees in the lift, on the stairs or around campus. I genuinely appreciate the comments and opinions you share with me. The great commitment that exists in the organisation is a real source of inspiration for me, and I honestly believe this work we are all doing will benefit KTH’s development and competitiveness in both the short and long term.

One thing, among many, that has become increasingly clear during the process is the importance of meeting and getting to know the functions that will receive the support, and vice versa. It promotes an understanding of each other’s fields, while also boosting competence overall. Securing good, smoothly functioning contact interfaces between education, research and support services is absolutely crucial if we are to find efficient working methods that we all share.

During the autumn, we will be setting priorities and making various choices as to the way ahead, one result being that we’ll be delivering improvements as regards systems development and digital services.

As soon as we have established appropriate solutions, we will assign the necessary resources so we can implement and communicate them.

See you!