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CASTOR Software Research Centre

A collaboration between KTH, Saab and Ericsson

Cyrille Artho new director of CASTOR

Cyrille Artho is the new Director of the CASTOR Software research centre. He’s lived in Japan for 11 years, where he worked on analysing networked software and testing together with software security....

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On 6 December, Nobel laureates Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna (left and right) visited the KTH campus to study Un|fold, a sound and light sculpture inspired by their work on genome editing. Pictured with professor Benoit Baudry, who led the development of the art work. Photo: Clement Morin / Nobel Prize

Campus art installation captures the richness of basic software actions

Art can be a powerful projector of breakthrough science. During the 2022 Nobel Week Lights, an annual lights festival taking place during the Nobel Week, KTH launched an artwork called un|fold, which ...

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Two days on the latest within software

The software research centre CASTOR organised its second conference on 31 August to 1 September at KTH Nymble. Software researchers, engineers, and students gathered to discuss cutting-edge technology...

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Benoit Baudry, from The division of Software and Computer Systems

Benoit Baudry on his years as the director of CASTOR

Benoit Baudry's term as director of the CASTOR Software Research Centre has ended. We have talked about his four years on the job.

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Founding partners 

Logotypes from KTH, Saab and Ericsson