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Annals of Crosscuts 2019

Annals of Crosscuts—a new peer-reviewed publication format for film-based research was introduced at the 2019 session of Crosscuts. It was developed to support the use of film and cinema as integral practices in the critical environmental humanities. We particularly invited filmmakers in the arts, sciences and humanities that experiment with and see potential in using the moving image as a complement and/or challenge to text- based research. The aim with Annals is to support and develop transmodal scholarship.

Ruptured Times

RUPTURED TIMES are interstitial spaces where the past is not anymore but the future is still to come. Indeed, these are ruptured times. While globalization promises to unify the world, thousands of fractures open up
space and time.

New political ambitions fragment the globe and bring us back to times when nationalism reigned. Climate change ruptures the familiar flow of time with chronologies of the past and projections of the future. Activists also try to rupture time and interrupt the usual sequence of events (think of the Standing Rock Camp in the US or ende gelände in Germany). Crosscuts 2019 explored these ruptured times through film, text and discussion.


together with the KTH Environmental Humanities Lab, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden