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Short Film Competition 2018

The Crosscuts Short Film Competition is organized by the Environmental Humanities Lab, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

The winners:

2018, HD video, 12 mins.
Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan
Soundtrack score by Lord Mongo

Jury's motivation:
‘Stratum’ is a fluid meditation superbly cutting across film-making and archival practice. Its narrative style effectively interlaces various temporalities, diffracting the lives of people and minerals, and envisioning the historical metamorphosis of places - Crosscuts Jury

Link: Stratum


Kalle Boman (Chair) – Advisor, Producer and Professor of Cinematic Composition
Serenella Iovino – Professor of Environmental Philosophy
Issraa El-Kogali – Filmmaker and Artist
Jan Olsson – Professor of Cinema Studies
Anna Åberg – Assistant Professor, History of technology and cultural studies


Andrej Slávik with The Literal Zone: Exhibits A-J

Farideh Sakhaeifar with Halabja, 1988

Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan with Stratum

Jarell Mahinay Serencio with Siyudad Sa Bulawan (City of Gold)

Michael Glowacki with A life of Debt

Stine Alling Jacobsen with Times of extraction

Viveca Mellegård with Mapping Majang