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Getting started with KTH-Print


1. Ensure you are using the printer queue KTH-Print.
(Information about how to print from your own computer is available on this page Permanent KTH-Print Printer Setup )

2. Using your access card, you are now able to collect your printout at the nearest printer. You are also able to access your printout by entering your KTH username and password on the display panel.

Register your account

To log on to the printer with your access card you need to connect your card to your KTH account.

1. Register your access card by holdning the card into the card reader on any of the printers / copiers.

2. Log in with your username and password.


1. Choose either "Waiting" or "Printed" and You will be shown a list of your current and printed print jobs on the display. Mark one or several you wish to print out (see picture below).

2. Press the Start-button on the printer. 

3. The printer will automatically log you out after 30 seconds. To log out manually select the Access / Åtkomst button on the right hand side of the display.

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Last changed: Sep 30, 2021