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KTH Software Download

Here the students, faculty and staff of KTH (and KTH only) will find software provided by KTH for students, faculty and staff.

Mentimeter  is available now for students, faculty and staff.

Terms of usage for KTH licensed sofware

  • The "rules for computer, network and system facilities"  that you have signed when you got your computer account applies.
  • The software must only be used for academic learning and teaching purposes.
    All other usage will require the purchase of additional licenses/rights.
  • It is not allowed to install any of the software on corporate computers (i.e. computers owned by a company), or any other entities not part of KTH (separate corporate identity number).
  • Some license agreements may allow the software to be installed on a private owned computer. 

Access to software

  • In order to download the software from KTH you have to login with your account and password. All downloads are logged for license and statistical purposes.
  • Some software is provided through the portals of the software manufacturers and may require registration and creation of additional accounts.
  • By logging in and downloading software from KTH or a manufacturer portals you agree to the rules above.

Who is eligible

  • Only those affiliated to KTH are eligible for the software offered by KTH.
  • To be affiliated to KTH you must have a status as student, faculty or staff of KTH.

Who qualifies for the student license

In Sweden studies at university level are divided into three cycles/levels:

  • Bachelor level (first cycle) - the first three years
  • Master level (second cycle) - one or two years following the first cycle
  • Doctoral/PhD (third cycle)- four years following the second cycle

The software is is free strictly for the first/second cycle students enrolled at KTH, or anyone studying a first/second level course offered by KTH.