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Change Contact details i LADOK

Via the Personal menu, you can change your contact information in Ladok. You can set a temporary living address if you have moved and change the e-mail address you intend to use.

In Personal menu, in "your name" tab klick on Contact details and you will be redirected to "May Pages" in LADOK.

screenshot: click on link "Conact Details"

Choose "Your university" at the page "Welcome to Ladok for students"

screenshot: Click on "Your university" field in blue

Choose KTH or search for KTH if it is not selected

screenshot: Click on KTH if selected. Otherwise, search for KTH.

You will come to the Home page (Current courses). If the page is in Swedish, change the language to English. Then click on My Pages.

screenshot: Home page showing. Click on "My pages".

In the "My pages" section, check that your address and e-mail address are correct. To change contact information or the current address or , click on "Change contact details" or "Change address".

screenshot: Click on "Change contact details" or "Change address".

In the "Contact details" box, you can enter a telephone number or change the e-mail address if necessary. In the "Address" box, you can select the "Temporary" tab to fill in a new residential address, which is current. Confirm the changes with Save.

screenshot: Enter phone number and/or Email which you intend to use.
screenshot: Add temporary address, fill the fields.

You administer contact information such as telephone number and e-mail yourself. If you are registered in Sweden, the address is obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency. You can enter a temporary address if you study abroad. You will see your name, social security number and e-mail registered in Ladok, at the bottom of the "Menu" in the right margin.

You are responsible for changing your information with the Swedish Tax Agency if you move or in case of misspelt names.