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For employers

Brain power to your organisation, or a new approach to a problem? By working together with a student you have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and competence to your company. Via the KTH Degree Project Portal you can easily reach our students with degree projects or summer jobs - free of charge.

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Start by setting up a user account and describe the assignment. You can edit and update the assignment any time after it’s been published. The assignment will be removed and archived after its end date.

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Creat user account and post assignments

  • Register as a new user.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address.
  • Click the link in the e-mail to activate your account.
  • The account is active when the Submit a posting tab is visible.
  • Submit a posting by adding text to the posting form and save it (minimum 200 characters and maximum 4,000 characters). Please note that it is not possible to add attachments or links.
  • Your assignment will be reviewed and published by an administrator. Therefore it may be a few days before your posting becomes visible. An e-mail will be sent to you when your assignment has been published.

Annual cycle for degree projects

The master students start their degree projects in January. The degree project consists of 30 academic credits (one full term). The students start looking for degree projects from September.
The bachelor degree students start their practical degree projects in April. It consists of 15 academic credits (half a term). The students start looking for degree projects from December.

Degree projects at KTH

Terms and conditions

KTH provides a place for companies and organizations to advertise degree theses, seasonal and extra jobs. If it applies to full-time employment, trainee positions or internships, we refer to head of business relations at THS, the student union at KTH, All assignments created will be reviewed before publication and KTH reserves the right to approve/reject incoming assignments. Assignments that do not fall within the scope of KTH´s current purpose for the portal or that can be perceived as discriminatory or offensive will not be published. In order for the assignment to be approved, it must be clearly stated who is offering the assignment and the scope of the assignment. If the above conditions are not followed. KTH can decide to suspend the advertiser.