Courses, CSC/Human-Computer Interaction

Course name Credits Course code Educational level 
Activity Theory and Human-Computer Interaction 3.0 DH3353 Third cycle
Current Topics in Human-Computer Interaction 7.5 DH3370 Third cycle
User Experience - Theoretical Foundations 4.0 DH3374 Third cycle
Advanced Support for UI Realization 7.5 DH3375 Third cycle
Computer Supported Cooperative Work 7.5 DH3354 Third cycle
The Reflective Practitioner 3.0 DH3002 Third cycle
Design for Human Machine Interaction 7.5 DH3355 Third cycle
Dis-Course 7.5 DH3378 Third cycle
Phenomenology in HCI 7.5 DH3357 Third cycle
Interaction Design Research 7.5 DH3011 Third cycle
Interacting: Art, Research and the Creative Practitioner 3.0 DH3372 Third cycle
Interview as a Data Collection Technique and Qualitative Analysis 7.5 DH3367 Third cycle
Comparative Genre Analysis 7.5 DH3010 Third cycle
Pearls of MID 7.5 DH3356 Third cycle
History of Human-Computer Interaction 7.5 DH3050 Third cycle
Social Studies of work and Technology 6.0 DH3338 Third cycle