Courses, CSC/Robotics, Perception and Learning

Course name Credits Course code Educational level 
Artificial Intelligence 6.0 DD2380 Second cycle
Artificial Intelligence and Multi Agent Systems 15.0 DD2438 Second cycle
Image Based Recognition and Classification 6.0 DD2427 Second cycle
Image Analysis and Computer Vision 7.5 DD2423 Second cycle
Database Technology 6.0 DD1334 First cycle
Database Technology 6.0 DD1368 First cycle
Computational Photography 6.0 DD2429 Second cycle
Deep Learning in Data Science 7.5 DD2424 Second cycle
Research project in Robotics, Perception and Learning 15.0 DD2411 Second cycle
Introduction to Robotics 7.5 DD2410 Second cycle
Machine Learning 7.5 DD2421 Second cycle
Machine Learning 6.0 DD2431 Second cycle
Modern Database Systems and Their Applications 7.5 DD2471 Second cycle
Object-Oriented Program Construction 6.0 DD1346 First cycle
Probabilistic Graphical Models 7.5 DD2420 Second cycle
Programming and Scientific Computing 9.0 DD1318 First cycle
Program Integrating Course in Machine Learning 3.0 DD2301 Second cycle
Project Course in Data Science 7.5 DD2430 Second cycle
Project Course in Robotics and Autonomous Systems 9.0 DD2419 Second cycle
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 9.0 DD2425 Second cycle
Applied Programming and Computer Science 7.5 DD2325 Second cycle