• Discovery could help prevent malaria deaths

    Published Apr 22, 2014

    New research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology offers hope to children who are stricken with malaria.

  • Methods could improve cell therapy in cancer treatment

    Published Apr 10, 2014

    Cell therapy is emerging as a promising cancer treatment of last resort. KTH researcher Björn Önfelt and his team in SciLifeLab are working to identify and strengthen cells that can counter the disease.

  • New tools could advance understanding of evolution

    Published Apr 08, 2014

    Biologists could gain a deeper understanding about how species have evolved – and even find ways to address antibiotic resistance – using tools that were developed recently at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Economy will depend more on dense planning

    Published Apr 04, 2014

    Urban transportation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse emissions, and a source of endless woe for commuters. But is it really “essential”? Not really, says one researcher.

  • Film and research converge at festival

    Published Apr 01, 2014

    Some of the most celebrated documentaries to explore environmental issues in recent years will be showcased at an international film festival April 9 to 12, arranged by KTH Royal Institute of Technology Environmental Humanities Laboratory.

  • NASA probe will help reveal how sun and planets interact

    Published Mar 31, 2014

    Beginning this year, NASA will launch four satellites equipped with technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The mission: to study the microphysics of magnetic reconnection, the fundamental process that happens during such solar atmosphere events as solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

  • Innovative student aid program taps grassroots support

    Published Mar 26, 2014

    Crowdfunding isn't just for bands and filmmakers anymore. A new student-run organisation in Sweden is supporting 21 Tanzanian university students while earning high marks for transparency.

  • Omanis look to strengthen higher education at home

    Published Mar 26, 2014

    Tuesday’s visit to KTH Royal Institute of Technology by Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education was somewhat of a study in contrasts. Seeking to build up its relatively-young public university system, officials from the desert kingdom visited an institution with a two-century tradition of fostering successful companies and research.

  • Education seen as centre of innovation collaborations

    Published Mar 20, 2014

    Closer external collaboration and development of competence were two of the themes recurring yesterday during the European Commission’s conference on the Entrepreneurial University, hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The conference continues on March 20.

  • Forum at KTH focuses on growth, innovation

    Published Mar 18, 2014

    Europe faces profound socio-economic, demographic, environmental and technological challenges, and higher education has a key role to play in meeting them. That role will be the focus of a two-day European Commission conference at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • A winning attitude

    Published Mar 18, 2014

    In a time when being seen and heard is a priority for many, Peter Gudmundson is focused on performance and results.

  • Rocking robot pays tribute to Robyn

    Published Mar 12, 2014

    When a team of mechatronics students built a robot dedicated to Robyn, they didn't expect the pop star to become personally involved. The dancing "Robyt" makes its world debut this week and earns props from its inspiration.

  • Trapped by avalanche – saved by an app

    Published Mar 05, 2014

    Save your friend who is buried in an avalanche while waiting for the rescue team to arrive. An app developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, makes it possible for skiers with smartphones to find people buried in the snow.

  • New centre to be hub for space research

    Published Feb 27, 2014

    Technologies for extreme conditions, rocket experiments and studies in space tourism. These are some of the activities in store for the new space centre that opens at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on March 1.

  • Cities open up to traffic congestion charging

    Published Feb 26, 2014

    Congestion zone charging is a proven technique for reducing traffic in crowded cities, but such proposals frequently meet with stiff public resistance. Recent studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology show however that once the systems are introduced, attitudes shift sharply.

  • Four subjects ranked in the world’s top 50

    Published Feb 26, 2014

    Four subjects at KTH Royal Institute of Technology are ranked among the top 50 worldwide in the latest ratings by QS.

  • Teaching development aims for open dialog

    Published Feb 25, 2014

    A new initiative at KTH Royal Institute of Technology aims for more individualized teacher development, by building on evaluations by their students.

  • Lightning harnessed to protect grid components

    Published Feb 24, 2014

    The foes of power grids everywhere, lightning and other high voltage currents now can help utilities track the health of components throughout their systems.

  • Platform would outwit cyber criminals

    Published Feb 24, 2014

    As smartphone use surges, consumers are just beginning to realise their devices are not quite as secure as they thought. A Swedish research team is working on a way to secure mobile operating systems so that consumers can be confident that their data is protected.

  • Sandvik and KTH deepen, expand cooperation

    Published Feb 23, 2014

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Sandvik have deepened and broadened their cooperation through a recent strategic partnership agreement. The aim of the agreement is to achieve enhanced capacity for innovation and to strengthen the talents and skills for a broad field of activity.