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From nanometres to light-years

Visiting KTH’s various research environments can be quite a breathtaking experience. The fields of research span such huge distances, from the minuscule nanometre – that’s one-billionth of a metre or 0.000 000 001 metres – to the truly vast light-year at 9.46 trillion kilometres, or 9,460,730,472,580,800 metres to be precise. And the fields of research themselves cover aviation and railways and med tech, and everything in between.

While the global situation may feel gloomy with war, climate crisis, energy crisis and economic outlook, a browse through KTH’s research brings hope – and also a conviction that the solutions, or parts of the solutions, to the major societal challenges of our age can be found here, whether thanks to new materials, new ways of producing and generating energy, or developing existing technical systems.

It is also pleasing to see that our students have access to, and indeed do access, our experimental environments and study a range of phenomena. I think that anyone in proximity to KTH cannot miss the concentration and thirst for discovery that exist here.

The learning environments, where students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice and test them in laboratory conditions, are something we will always protect. And that too is breathtaking.