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Stockholm Trio inspiring in European context

The Stockholm Trio University Alliance has taken further steps in its development – not least in the European arena. We three, Stockholm University, the Karolinska Institute and KTH  who make up the the Stockholm Trio University Alliance, have consolidated our collaboration and our visibility over the past year as an internationally competitive higher education environment … Continue reading “Stockholm Trio inspiring in European context”

Uncertain conditions for young researchers can slow down research

That researchers should be teachers and vice versa is important for both cross fertilisation between the different skills sets along with mobility and clarity at a university.  This not only benefits students but also young researchers when building a career. It is clear from the report  (in Swedish) on the reality for young researchers published … Continue reading “Uncertain conditions for young researchers can slow down research”

Modern infrastructure a necessity

Just over 15 years ago, several professor colleagues and I successfully applied for money for a mass spectrometer. It has proved to be of tremendous benefit – in this particular case, within polymer materials. This is what good research infrastructure is all about. To both stimulate and generate new and practical research results. MALDI, Matrix … Continue reading “Modern infrastructure a necessity”