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Spotify for research – a possible path towards more open science?

Open science is extremely important – not just for the democratisation of research, but also for the quality, progress and, not least, cost-effectiveness of publications. The term ‘open science’ refers partly to open access to scientific publications and partly to open access to research data. Both aspects have their specific challenges to consider and are … Continue reading “Spotify for research – a possible path towards more open science?”

Beyond the horizon in Europe 

The EU’s ninth framework programme, Horizon Europe, runs 2021–2027. It will soon be time for a mid-term review, and discussions regarding the tenth framework programme are already under way. There have been framework programmes for research (and innovation) within the EU system since 1984, and they have become an increasingly important source of research funding. … Continue reading “Beyond the horizon in Europe “

When one plus one equals three

It’s exciting to see how combining different areas makes both areas stronger – a genuine case of one plus one equals three. For instance when KTH’s technical and scientific disciplines come together with research environments in the humanities, social sciences and economics. These meeting are something that add a lot of value to KTH. One … Continue reading “When one plus one equals three”

Minister’s key words match KTH research

Excellence, internationalisation and innovation. These are Minister for Education Mats Persson’s key words for university policy. These are certainly words that resonate well with KTH and the way we work on a day-to-day basis, when the words are translated into action. At a meeting in mid-January, the minister gave a brief programme statement on how … Continue reading “Minister’s key words match KTH research”

Research and technological progress go hand in hand

Technological progress, curiosity, research. Which comes first? They are all closely interlinked and interdependent – especially in the life sciences. This was really brought home to me on a visit to the national research resource SciLifeLab, run jointly by KTH, the Karolinska Institute, and Stockholm and Uppsala Universities. This laboratory for the life sciences comprises … Continue reading “Research and technological progress go hand in hand”