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The violence affects us all

Almost daily the media tell us about more shootings, more gun deaths, more bombings. It is awful, and it affects us all in one way or another.

It can engender feelings of unease, incomprehension and suspicion. A sense of fear in the pit of the stomach.

The other day, the ever-escalating violence even hit KTH’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science after a building in Kista was bombed. No one was physically injured, but the entrance and some of the offices in the building need to be repaired and restored.

But I would also like to focus for a moment on how powerfully and skilfully the situation was handled in terms of crisis management, communication, and consideration for those who were directly affected. KTH acted swiftly and efficiently to ensure that as many people as possible knew about what had happened, what action to take, and could then get back to work. Once the police had given the all-clear, scheduled teaching and lab work at our Electrum Laboratory could resume.

Security has been tightened up, some areas are still cordoned off, and it is certainly something that will remain on many people’s minds – for a while at least.

For me personally, though, I will also remember our ability to meet devastating violence with a caring and professional response.