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Qualified nonsense that frightens and mars

In an editorial in Dagens Nyheter on 31 May, Gina Gustavsson writes about the connection between terrorists and engineers. She refers to a study that found that of 500 Islamic extremists, almost half had an engineering degree. From this observation, she then goes on to discuss the risks of engineering education because of the obvious … Continue reading “Qualified nonsense that frightens and mars”

How to solve the supply of premises and reduce the feedback loop

For many higher education institutions, Akademiska Hus is the property owner and rents out the properties for the institutions’ needs. This model is questioned for many reasons, not least the transfer of resources that takes place when Akademiska Hus provides the treasury with billions in dividends every year. In practice, the model means that the … Continue reading “How to solve the supply of premises and reduce the feedback loop”

Enough is enough

At many universities around the country, major changes are now taking place in the use of premises as a result of sharply increased rents. This is also the case at KTH, where extensive efforts are being made to reduce the need for premises in the departments and in the University Administration. More cramped office solutions, … Continue reading “Enough is enough”