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Good results despite the pandemic

Sometimes, I am amazed that we’ve been living in the shadow of the pandemic for almost a year now. A year of changes, new solutions, cancelled meetings and uncertainty. Nonetheless, our annual report for 2020 shows that KTH has managed reasonably well. KTH Annual Report (in Swedish). The number of applicants for our various different … Continue reading “Good results despite the pandemic”

Unbalanced financing worrying in budget bill

A substantial investment in research and an increase in basic funding are positive parts of the government budget bill that was announced last week. However, how the money will be allocated and the degree of long-term thinking behind these investments will be crucial. My hope is that the allocation will be based on the capacity … Continue reading “Unbalanced financing worrying in budget bill”

New ways of learning and studying in Europe

Imagine designing your own course by choosing which programme you wish to read and where you should study – virtually or physically at KTH and/or other universities in Europe. That can become reality within the next eight years. Future students can graduate with a very competitive European degree in their hand. The thinking behind this possible … Continue reading “New ways of learning and studying in Europe”