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KTH builds education programs for the future

Up until our 200th anniversary in 2027, the Future of Education change programme will characterise all education at KTH. It is a package of reforms based on a number of principles for revitalising our education programmes, encompassing aspects such as students’ abilities, pedagogy and campus environments.

One important lesson we learned during the pandemic is that we must build more flexible, student-centric lifelong learning, and lay an even better foundation for KTH to keep up with the competition. Higher education institutions took on the role of safety barrier to some extent during the pandemic, and overnight universities and colleges were forced to make changes to secure students’ education, partly using digital teaching and examination solutions. The key now is not to let things return to their original form but, through the Future of Education programme, to set our sights firmly forwards so that we can be open to a greater diversity of learning and education.

The new conditions for lifelong learning comprise another area that will place new demands on the education we offer in the years to come. We have to find new ways ahead both for pedagogy and for our range of courses and programmes, so that we can better reach the student groups who have already embarked on their careers.

The internationalization of our programmes also continues. We are already highly internationalized, accepting many students from other countries. It is important for the future evolution of our education that we apply the lessons we have learnt in this area.

Educational development, new forms for examination and new technology all bring fresh opportunities as well as new challenges moving forward. There is already a greater breadth of pedagogic models and forms for continuous learning in our programmes today, and it is important that we continue to make positive progress.

The Future of Education programme will include a number of change-oriented projects and will also be reviewed annually. Initiatives being launched in the near future include various kinds of development of our laboratory environments, forms for examination, our range of lifelong learning, extended recruitment, and development of our masters-level programmes, to name but a few.