Is open access to research results in line with the rest of the world?

The seeming conflict between academic freedom and open access to research articles is worrying. Or at least according to an opinion piece in Svd. But is this really the case? Many Swedish research funding bodiesalready require research findings to be made available to the public today and not just in the form of publication in … Continue reading “Is open access to research results in line with the rest of the world?”

Dedicated doctoral students could need support

Being able to explore a specific area in depth and build solid knowledge and experience by joining a research group is appealing. The competition to be offered a place on a doctoral course is tough. Once you have gained a place, it’s then all about hard work where work encroaches more and more into your … Continue reading “Dedicated doctoral students could need support”

On the road to knowledge

What is the benefit and the point of a university education? Is it usable in purely tangible terms or is it mostly to look good on your CV? Some people argue that you only really start learning something in the workplace, and that education is a platform upon which to build. Others claim that the … Continue reading “On the road to knowledge”

Politics and principles

After four intensive days of Almedalen debates in early July, I can clearly say that none of the parties seems to be addressing university issues as part of their electioneering campaign. That these are not priority issues on the political agenda to debate and argue about is no surprise. But it is a pity and … Continue reading “Politics and principles”

Students are a reflection of their time

At the conference Current Priorities and Future Challenges: Higher Education in the Nordic Region, organised by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, the discussion covered subjects such as digitisation, quality and gender equality linked to higher education. Student representatives from the Nordic countries gave their views on what higher education needs and what it is lacking. … Continue reading “Students are a reflection of their time”