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Important interchange between education and research

It goes without saying that a university should offer education linked to research, as this can only strengthen the institution and help it to evolve. Our students have a right to knowledge that is up-to-date and relevant, and this can only be guaranteed if the education is closely linked to a scientific, research-based environment. But … Continue reading “Important interchange between education and research”

KTH’s ambassadors make a difference

KTH has some 175,000 alumni around the world – on important, exciting assignments which we hope are applying and refining the skills and knowledge they once learnt at KTH. It’s quite dizzying to think that all these people once studied something, at least 7.5 higher education credits, at KTH. Our alumni network spans 32,000 people … Continue reading “KTH’s ambassadors make a difference”

Good outlook for lifelong learning

New statistics show that lifelong learning at KTH appears to be a success, attracting a lot of applicants for the autumn semester. KTH now provides almost 200 courses offering the latest knowledge in particular areas. Students can apply for these courses to update their knowledge and keep up with the competition, or simply to learn … Continue reading “Good outlook for lifelong learning”

KTH builds education programs for the future

Up until our 200th anniversary in 2027, the Future of Education change programme will characterise all education at KTH. It is a package of reforms based on a number of principles for revitalising our education programmes, encompassing aspects such as students’ abilities, pedagogy and campus environments. One important lesson we learned during the pandemic is … Continue reading “KTH builds education programs for the future”