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KTH’s ambassadors make a difference

KTH has some 175,000 alumni around the world – on important, exciting assignments which we hope are applying and refining the skills and knowledge they once learnt at KTH. It’s quite dizzying to think that all these people once studied something, at least 7.5 higher education credits, at KTH.

Our alumni network spans 32,000 people in 19 chapters worldwide. About 23 percent of KTH’s alumni now live and work abroad. According to a 2021 career survey at KTH, roughly one in five graduates have opted to live abroad in the past ten years. And the same survey shows this is a dream for many more.

The world has shrunk, while societal challenges are growing increasingly complex – which is to say that our former students are making great contributions around the world, and perhaps that home is now, far more than just 20 years ago, the place where people choose to work and make a career – regardless of country and continent.

This not only shows that our students are sought-after on the global labour market, but it also reflects KTH’s international status as a university.

From the alumni event in the USA in May. (Photo: Linnea Dicksen)

In early May, a Swedish delegation visited the US and had the opportunity to meet alumni in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, the Mecca of innovation. This is home to one of our two US chapters, the other one being in New York.

I felt proud and quite emotional to meet such dedicated and inspiring people, who were passionate about their alma mater. Many of the people we met now work for major tech corporations or global Swedish companies with operations in the US.