Is open access to research results in line with the rest of the world?

The seeming conflict between academic freedom and open access to research articles is worrying. Or at least according to an opinion piece in Svd. But is this really the case? Many Swedish research funding bodiesalready require research findings to be made available to the public today and not just in the form of publication in … Continue reading “Is open access to research results in line with the rest of the world?”

Internationalisation even more important in a changing world

That internationalisation and cooperation across borders are necessary to meet the challenges the world faces ought to be self-evident. In Sunday’s Sydsvenska Dagbladet (, several colleagues and I write about this in an opinion piece on this very subject and that our research and knowledge society should be open and accessible. This is particularly important … Continue reading “Internationalisation even more important in a changing world”

The importance of academian freedom

It is now three weeks since the general election in Sweden and we are still none the wiser when it comes to forming a government. Is politics important for higher education in Sweden? My answer is obviously yes. Although universities and colleges have a more independent stance than most other government authorities, we still work … Continue reading “The importance of academian freedom”