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Completed projects

Calibration methodology for microscopic simulation of pedestrian traffic
This project aims at reviewing and quantitatively comparing proposed calibration methods.

Efficient Origin-Destination Estimation Methods
Efficient methods for dynamic Origin and Destination (OD) estimation.

Evaluation of connected vehicles in signalised intersections
This project aims at increase the knowledge of the effects of introducing connected traffic signals in traditional traffic signals and especially the Swedish LHOVRA.

Evaluation of the impact on capacity at incidents
In this project the aim is to propose empirically well-founded relationships between different types of incidents, capacity and traffic efficiency for motorways.

Mobile Millenium Stockholm
Platform for research and development within real-time traffic information and traffic management in Sweden.

Modelling of micro mobility  
A prestudy on knowledge needs and user patterns. Micro-mobility is a collective term that encompasses different types of vehicles, e.g. electric scooters, electric bikes, segways and electric tricycles.

Belongs to: Centre for Traffic Research (CTR)
Last changed: Jun 18, 2021