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First Stockholm Archipelago Lecture on-site since 2019- given by Michelle Bastian on 7th December

Published Nov 21, 2023

The Stockholm Archipelago Lectures are part of the public activities of the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory and have been since David Lowenthal gave the inspiring inaugural lectures in 2012, titled the Archipelago Lectures, referring in part to the Stockholm Archipelago, but also to David’s career-long professional and personal interest in islands. Inspired by David Lowenthal and the Stockholm Archipelago the EHL has proposed a vision of the environmental humanities as an open, diverse nonetheless connected archipelago of disciplines and approaches. Since 2012 we have hosted eleven distinguished guests, whereas our last three guests, Achille Mbembe, Kathryn Yusoff, and Rob Nixon were online, presenting from their homes.

Though this meant reaching those who otherwise would not join us, we are honored to this year invite philosopher Michelle Bastian in person to give the annual Archipelago Lecture on site. Her talk titled "Is slowing down a trap"  will be held in lecture hall E1 here at KTH, on the 7th of December, from 16:30 to 18:30 CET,  followed by a mingle in Ljusgård E.

Her talk focuses on the complex relation between temporality and sustainability by examining the various narratives about time that often seek to counter our sped-up, over-worked, short-term, and progress-oriented world. Despite the well intention of these narratives of slowing down, Bastian's talk suggests we need to re-story how we think of temporalities to better sustain more livable futures.

Join us for the evening of 7th December for an insightful talk, discussion, and mingle, exploring what kind of temporalities can support more sustainable living.

More information and registration for the event here  or scan the QR code below!

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