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Occupy Climate Change! Goes Global

Occupy Climate Change! calls up a coalition of researchers and students to explore and foster new social imaginaries to change the system, not the climate. Four workshops to meet, discuss and plan our collective work. The lectures will be recorded and made available online.

PDF of the program. Provided as text below.

OCC! The Project - Lecture by the OCC! Team

Two hours to get to know the OCC! project and team. We will present the 5 cases studies and the general frame of the project.

March 22, 9-11 am CET

Storytelling Climate Futures - Lecture by Ashley Dawson

OCC! includes an imaginative exploration into the possible futures of our cities. In this workshop, Ashley Dawson will help us to understand how speculative narratives intersects with activism and scholarship.

March 23, 4-6 PM CET

Occupy Your Course - Lecture by Jule Sze Laboratory with Robert Gioielli 

OCC! has the ambition to blend teaching and research, involving students in the project. Julie Sze and Robert Gioielli will guide us to reflect on this; but we will also experiment it during the workshop.

March 26, 4-6:30 PM CET

1000 People's Climate Plans - Interventions by Aurash Khawarzad, Yates Mckee, Ashley Dawson, Maria Federica Palestino and Gilda Berruti.

The Peoples’ climate plan is an idea generated by the New York OCC! hybrid collective. The ambition is to plan the future of our city with the people who are and will be most affected by climate change. In the workshop we will discuss its methodological premises and practical challenges.

March 29, 4-6 PM CET