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SEED's vision and goals

Vision: “Towards a Secure, Equitable, and Sustainable Tomorrow”

Mission: SEED is dedicated to advancing knowledge and educating students for a global transition to sustainable development. Through collaborative, intra-, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, we bridge systems levels, connecting science and practice. Integrating natural, social, and engineering sciences, our evidence-based understanding of the interconnections between environmental, economic and sociotechnical systems informs sustainable development policies and solutions. SEED emphasizes lifelong learning, employing innovative teaching methods to produce engineers, masters, and PhDs ready for long-term challenges. As an open and creative intellectual environment, SEED encourages academic debate on desired futures and development, fosters high-profile partnerships with academia, public and private sectors, as well as attracts dedicated students and employees.

Our Long-Term Goals (LTG) - 2030 are:

LTG1: Reputable leader in sustainability

LTG2: Highly skilled staff/faculty and students

LTG3: Excellent work environment

LTG 4: Inspiring academic environment

LTG 5: Innovative theories, methods and tools