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Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED)

The Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED) conducts research and education focused on the sustainable development of society. SEED gathers a broad range of interdisciplinary expertise to conduct research that covers a wide field within environmental, engineering and sustainability issues.

The department belongs to the School of Architecture and the Built Environment .

Competence centres



The WaterCentre@KTH is a wide collaborative effort based at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The centre's mission is to bring about water innovations for a sustainable future of the Earth. The centre believes in the meeting of experts, practitioners, and policymakers.

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Fishes is water

Centre for Future Seafood, Blue food

Blue food is a national seafood centre working to develop the Swedish sustainable production of seafood. A primary task is to utilize the wild fish catch more efficiently and to develop a modern aquaculture for fish, shellfish and algae in collaboration with about 70 partners.

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Viable Cities

Viable Cities is a strategic innovation programme focusing on the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities. The programme's mission is climate neutral cities 2030 with a good life for all within planetary boundaries. KTH is the host organization for Viable Cities.

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