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Sweden’s bridges on the way towards the internet of things

Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm are rigging up the country’s bridges with multiple sensors that allow early detection of wear and tear. The real-time detection could extend the life of bridges with a decade.


Addressing the culture of the architectural discipline

Brady Burroughs' doctoral thesis is a queer feminist project, written as a pulp fiction. With over 150 full graphic pages, a more familiar literary language, and various forms of writing, the project takes seriously, in an uncertain, improper and playful way, what is usually deemed unserious within the architectural discipline.

Undermining the usual order of architectural culture through queer feminist theory

New doctor

Low-temperature heating systems for sustainable retrofitting

How can we promote the development of our future buildings to be more sustainable and energy efficient without compromising thermal comfort and indoor air quality?

Qian Wang has investigated the technical solutions of sustainable retrofitting

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