Research at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment

The School has 70 professors (including guest professors and adjunct professors) and 30 docents within the following seven scientific fields and disciplines:

  • Architecture: Architecture, Urban Planning, Architectural Sciences and History of Architecture
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering: Building Materials, Building Services Engineering, Building Technology, Concrete Stuctures, Fluid and Climate Technology, Soil and Rock Mechanics, Structural Engineering and Bridges.
  • Real Estate and Construction Management (including the Centre for Banking and Finance): Real Estate Planning and Land Law, Building and Real Estate Economics, Banking and Finance
  • Philosophy and the History of Technology: Philosophy and the History of Science and Technology
  • Land and Water Resources Engineering: Groundwater Chemistry, Soil and Water Resources Studies, Hydraulic Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Engineering Geology
  • Urban Planning and Environment: Urban Planning, Built Environment Analysis, Geoinformatics and Environmental Strategies Research (FMS)
  • Transport and Economics:Transport and Logistics, Geodesy, Transport and Location Analysis, and Safety Research

The School has recently strengthened its competence in interdisciplinary research in the area of sustainable urban development. Research in both this area and in other areas include both application issues and theory development. The School is also home to a Center for Maintenance and Operations Research focused on infrastructure. The School also collaborates with the Center for Sustainable Communication at the School of Computer Science and Communication and the Center for Sustainable Development at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management.

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Last changed: Jul 13, 2017