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New Doctor interviews

New doctors at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment can present their work here.

The school operates within the entire built environment process, from idea, planning and design to technical solutions, production and management, while applying a sustainability perspective throughout. Our research ans education covers both technology and natural sciences as well as social sciences and the humanities.

Below are interviews from 2019-2020, previous year's interviews can be found in the archive to the left.

Interviews in Swedish are available here

New doctor

Structural behaviour of shotcrete in hard rock tunnels

Andreas Sjölander has investigated the structural behaviour of fibre-reinforced shotcrete used as rock support. As part of the project, an important tool that can be used in future studies has been developed. Hopefully, the results can be a step towards reducing the use of shotcrete in tunnels and scaling down the overuse that we normally see today.

New Doctor

Authenticity in Bioethics: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

Jesper Ahlin Marceta has analysed whether it is possible to reliably determine that a patient expresses inauthentic wishes and if a healthcare decision should be overridden for paternalist reasons if it can be determined as inauthentic.
Hopefully, the results can benefit patients suffering from medical conditions that affect their decision-making processes.

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Last changed: Sep 21, 2020