Welcome to the School of Architecture and the Built Environment

The School of Architecture and the Built Environment is one of ten schools at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Our research and educational programmes relates to the future of our society; how cities, buildings and infrastructure will be designed and built, how institutions and regulatory systems should be developed to produce a good living environment, and how to provide good development conditions for business.

Our school is unique among KTH:s schools in that we work with both the natural sciences and technology and with the social sciences and the humanities. The ABE School is also noted for its excellent contacts within research, business and the public sector, a strong tradition of contract education, and continual and well-organised contacts with professional organisations about the content and development of our educational programmes.

The School of Architecture and the Built Environment is comprised of seven departments and eight centres for advanced research, many led by internationally renowned scientists. The School has about 2200 undergraduate and 300 graduate students studying everything from architecture, civil and architectural engineering, and land and water resources engineering to philosophy, economics and planning.

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