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Strategic Sustainability Studies

The division works interdisciplinary and with stakeholder cooperation within a broad spectrum of research to shape policies and technologies and thereby influence societal development towards a more sustainable future.

The research focuses on a number of central sectors in society such as consumption, transport, waste, energy, digitalisation, minerals, food systems and urban and rural development. It also studies policy and planning processes.

Through interdisciplinary methods and theories, these areas are analyzed from a sustainability perspective - What might a sustainable society look like and what can we do to get closer to a sustainable society?

The fields of research and theories include futures studies, policy analysis, political ecology, systems ecology, resilience thinking, environmental and rural sociology, design-based research, social practices, environmental justice, and planning and conversion theories. Many research projects include collaboration and cooperation with other universities, public authorities, non-governmental and private sector organizations.

Research at the division of Strategic Sustainability Studies

Staff at the division of Strategic Sustainability Studies