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Centre for Future Seafood, Blue Food

The Blue Food competence centre is aimed at establishing a national seafood center to develop the Swedish sustainable production of seafood and increasing accessibility for people throughout the country. A primary task is to utilize the wild fish catch more efficiently and to develop a modern aquaculture for fish, shellfish and algae in collaboration with about 70 partners.

Foto: Bedis ElAcheche / Pexels

Centre for Future Seafood, Blue Food aims to

● Explore new technologies and species to significantly expand Swedish aquaculture;
● Develop new circular food production systems that enable the use of nutrients and energy in resource-efficient circular flows within water and between water and land;
● Develop sustainable aquaculture systems that minimize dependence on unsustainable and / or limited raw materials;
● Create incentives and develop logistical solutions for increased food use of Swedish wild fish:
● Design new combinations of processing technology and raw materials to allow product development of underutilized species and tributaries;
● Quantify emissions and map contributions of new seafood concepts to meet the SDGs;
● Illuminate consumer attitudes that currently limit the consumption of seafood;
● Show effects of a blue protein shift on selected markers for human metabolic health;
● Ensure optimal welfare and health of cultivated organisms when developing new aquaculture systems

To achieve these ambitions, the Centre for Future Seafood, Blue Food will build on existing centres and networks of cutting-edge expertise and bring together leading Swedish researchers and fish supplier actors from industry, authorities and NGOs. The Centre for Future Seafood, Blue Food is creating a unique interdisciplinary portfolio of expertise that will formulate common specific research questions, enable new networking opportunities and train new seafood experts in both industry and academia. This makes it possible for us to expand sustainable seafood production in Sweden.

Centre for Future Seafood, Blue Food belongs to the School of Architecture and the Built Environment .