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Personal injury insurance

As a student at KTH, you are insured during school hours and direct travel between your home and university premises.

Personal injury insurance for students during your studies

As an enrolled KTH student, you are covered by a personal injury insurance when you are on university premises and journeys to and from the university. The insurance applies to all instances where you (the student) are participating in activities arranged by KTH, for example during a placement (internship) or at a workplace where you are carrying out your degree project, within Sweden's borders. The personal injury insurance does not apply during the orientation and introduction period (during this period, students must arrange their own accident insurance).

Kammarkollegiet's insurance is provided by The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) and covers all students studying at a Swedish university. You as a student are not required to do anything to be covered by this insurance. The personal injury insurance does not apply to PhD students, who are insured through their employment contract.

Terms and conditions (Kammarkollegiets webpage)

If you need a certificate that you are insured, please contact your master coordinator .

For general questions regarding the personal injury insurance, please contact .

Please note that some student groups are covered with additional insurance. For more information see Insurance .

How do I submit a claim?

To report an injury, you need to:

  1. Download and fill in the personal injury insurance claim form (Kammarkollegiets webpage) .
  2. Contact someone at your school, for example your international coordinator or master coordinator, who needs to certify that you, at the time of the injury, were enrolled and were conducting studies at the university
  3. Send the completed form to Kammarkollegiet, 651 80 Karlstad

Insurance for outgoing exchange studies

For outgoing exchange studies (KTH students undergoing exchange studies at a partner university outside Sweden) or internships abroad, contact the at your school to find out more about insurance coverage.