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All students at KTH are insured through personal injury insurance on KTH's premises and during travel to and from KTH. However, it is crucial to make sure you have additional medical insurance coverage in case of an emergency or if you fall ill during an off-campus activity.

Recommended insurance coverage

We recommend that all international students have complete insurance coverage to avoid high costs in case of an unexpected incident or illness. Some students are entitled to additional insurance through KTH, while others have to buy insurance themselves. However it is important that all students check their insurance coverage before coming to KTH so that you are fully covered.

Insurance through KTH

Insurance during school hours

As an enrolled KTH student, you are covered by a personal injury insurance when you are on university premises and on journeys to and from the university. 

Personal injury insurance

Additional insurance

In addition to the personal injury insurance , KTH provides additional insurance to certain student groups. To determine if you are entitled to additional insurance through KTH, click on your category in the list below. If you find that some components are missing in your insurance to be fully covered, we advise you to purchase them privately before arrival.

Home insurance

Most people in Sweden have home insurance (hemförsäkring), and we strongly recommend getting one during your stay in Sweden. You are responsible for the repair and costs if anything is stolen or damaged in your room or flat. Home insurance usually covers personal property, liability, and legal expenses. Most home insurances also have travel protection in case of illness or accident. Depending on your student group, you may already be entitled to insurance coverage through KTH which covers aspects of a good home insurance plan.