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Webinars and events for admitted degree students

The webinars for newly admitted students aim to guide you through the important steps on your journey to KTH. We also invite you to join our digital student community, where you can meet and celebrate with your new classmates. In addition, you may receive invitations to programme specific events and networking events for students from your home country or region.


By following the instructions on the website, you can complete all preparations before heading to Sweden. But we also give you the opportunity to meet us in our webinars for newly admitted students, where we provide you with further guidance and explain the steps you need to take. You will also have the chance to ask questions to KTH staff and students.

KTH courtyard.

Why choose KTH

At this webinar, Researcher Björn Thuresson and master's student Rafael will explore 5 reasons to opt for KTH. They will introduce how sustainability is integrated into the education, KTH's close connection with industry, how our research and innovation foster the future of technology and how studying at KTH will impact your future. If you want an answer to why you should choose KTH, join us and let us untangle it for you. 

7 March, 14:00 CET.

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Digital student community

Once admitted, we will invite you to join our digital student community, an app powered by Goin' Connect. You will receive more information on accessing the community in our newsletters after 21 March. In the community, you can connect with other students from your country and study programme to build your network and find students with similar interests.

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Connect with a KTH student 

Between 25 March and 14 April, a current KTH student will contact you and offer a digital meeting where you have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about your master’s programme and student life at KTH. They will provide practical advice to make your move to Stockholm as smooth as possible.

Programme specific events

The programme specific events are an opportunity to meet with and ask questions to programme representatives such as Programme Director or other staff members and current students. KTH will send invitations directly to students admitted to the master's programmes that offer events. 

The following programmes will be hosting events (the list is updated continuously):

  • TBC

Regional networking events

In the regional events you will be able to meet with KTH staff and students from the region or country that you come from. It is an opportunity to ask questions to us and network with fellow students. This year most regional events will be digital and held in Zoom. KTH will send invitations by e-mail directly to students from the regions below. The following events are currently scheduled:

  • TBC