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Student wellbeing

Studying abroad may require major adjustments to your life. It involves moving away from friends and family, getting acquinted with a new study environment and new class mates.

Some students feel a lack of time for exercising or other ways to unwind. Although you may feel that most of your time is devoted to studies, it is important to take some time off for recreation. Some of you may also feel a need to talk to someone about the new study environment or other things related to your studies, such as stress for your comings exams.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services complements the public healthcare that is available to residents of Sweden. You are welcome to contact us if you have health-related issues.


Here you can find information on support and how to report it if you have been discriminated against.

Personal injury insurance

As a KTH student, you are insured during school hours and during direct travel between your home and university premises.


The Chaplain is available to speak to anybody about anything and everything, and the conversation will remain confidential.

Quiet rooms

The quiet rooms are open to all KTH students who need a pause in life, for rest, contemplation and meditation.