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Reporting and support if you’ve experienced discrimination

If you need support when you feel that you have been discriminated against, harassed, sexually harassed, or victimized, contact your appointed contact person at your school.

File a complaint

You can make a complaint to KTH if you have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimisation. You can choose whether you want to provide your contact details or whether you want to submit an anonymous report. 

File a complaint

You can contact the appointed contact person at your school. See below. You can also talk to another employee at your school whom you trust.

At THS, the Student Union ,there is a Head of Student Welfare  who you can contact. You can also get in touch with a counsellor at the Student Health Services .

The first step is a meeting to find out what has happened. Together you discuss how you want to proceed. In regards to making a complaint to KTH, there are no special formalities. Complaints may be in verbal or written form.

Some advice for you who have been discriminated against:

  • You are the only one who determines whether the act or behaviour pattern is unwelcome.
  • React immediately if you feel this type of behaviour has occurred by seeking help and support.
  • Clarify for those who have subjected you to the actions that they are unwelcome.

Zero tolerance

KTH has adopted zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, or victimization.

One prerequisite for achieving this goal is that KTH actively engages in preventative activities and communicates clear procedures for how notification and investigation are to be conducted in cases involving discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimization.

The obligation to act and take measures to ensure that the situation/behaviour ceases enters into force as soon KTH becomes aware of a grievance in any manner whatsoever, such as through individual observations or a student reporting that someone has suffered such treatment. KTH also has an obligation to investigate if an employee or a member of the education staff exposes someone to discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or discriminatory treatment.

If you feel that the education provider has not investigated the above, you can report shortcomings in the obligation to investigate to the Equality Ombudsman, DO.

Read more

Discrimination Act, Swedish Code of Statutes (pdf 258 kB)

Provisions on measures against Victimization at Work (pdf 55 kB)