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Would you like to become a Student Ambassador for KTH?

The job as a student ambassador is a fun, flexible and meritorious job that you can have alongside your studies at KTH.

Student Ambassadors are current students who represent KTH and their master’s programme to students around the world. The Student Ambassadors use their own experience to inspire prospective students about life at KTH and in Stockholm, Sweden.

We are currently looking for motivated and social students who are eager to share their experience at KTH with the outside world. The role of student ambassador requires a social side and interpersonal skills. You should like to inspire and raise interest in KTH in the best way you can. Excellent skills in speaking and writing in English are required for the Ambassador position.

During the year, the Student Ambassadors will have the opportunity to take part in several activities:

  • Answer e-mails from prospective students via the contact form
  • Leading campus tours and giving presentations
  • Meeting sessions with prospective or newly admitted students
  • Student guide for arrival days
  • Joining webinars, video projects and events representing your school/programme
  • Other opportunities

The Student Ambassador Programme provides mandatory information and education sessions focusing on communication and presentation skills. You will be working with a diverse international student population. You need to complete a writen interview and take your picture for the ambassador page  on the KTH website (and on your programme page). Questions from prospective students should be answered within 48 hours.

As a Student Ambassador, you will work a couple of hours every month but depending on busy periods, for example, around the time of admissions.

The application is open now.

Interested? Apply before 26 May.

Send your application to programme contact below with a CV and a cover letter, or fill in the form if there is a link instead.
Kindly observe that this is an ongoing recruitment process and that the position might be filled before the closing date.

The Student Ambassador Programme starts in October 2024 and runs until May 2025.
Have you got any questions? Please send an email to .