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Assignments during your studies

KTH offers many exciting assignments during your studies. Here we publish various assignments that you can apply.

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Hold a workshop in the library and get paid

During 2024 KTH Library invites KTH students to arrange a workshop in the library. This is a paid job! You choose a theme for the workshop. It could be anything – something from a course, a hobby or something entirely different! You can arrange by yourself, or with a friend/fellow student. Learn more and apply by following the link.

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Work as a mentor at Funka

As a mentor at Funka, you help another student to, for example, sort and prioritize among course assignments, clarify the schedule and set intermediate goals. Mentor and student meet regularly and create tools and conditions together so that the student can ultimately, on their own, complete their studies. It is a paid job.

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Work as a note-taker at Funka

Being a note-taker is a paid job that means keeping accurate and clear notes that you share with another student who, for example, has dyslexia.

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Degree project, internship, trainee job, seasonal and part time jobs

In the KTH Degree Project Portal you will primarily find degree projects, as well as trainee positions, internships and part-time and seasonal jobs in both the private and public sectors. Choose among a wide range of placements from large industrial companies to SMEs, as well as governmental organisations.

KTH Degree Project Portal

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Last changed: May 04, 2023