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Support you can get

The support you can get is always an individual assessment and depends on your disability. Our most common supports are, for example, extended writing time, typing on a computer during exams, and note-taking support.

To receive compensatory support, you need to have a permanent disability. You apply for support in the Nais system and are then called to a meeting with an administrator at KTH. The group that coordinates the compensatory support at KTH is called Funka. Based on your application, documentation and our meeting, Funka assesses which support we can recommend.

How to apply for compensatory support

The most common support is support during the examination. It may be about extended writing time or that you can write on a computer instead of by hand. However, there is also note-taking support and access to a mentor or resource room. Via the links below, you can read more about some of the support that can be offered to you.

Note-taking support

Mentor support for students with disabilities

Resource rooms at KTH's campuses