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Accommodation in Täby

The accommodation in Täby, north of Stockholm, consists of two apartment buildings on Gamla Norrtäljevägen.

Exterior of Gamla Norrtäljevägen

Accommodation offered in Täby

These buildings are new builds, with studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments and five-bedroom apartments. Apartments include a kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are furnished with one single bed per tenant, table/desk, and chairs.

As the apartments are new and spacious, the cost may be high for individual students per flat/room. The larger bedrooms are shared to divide the rent between more students. If you are sharing a bedroom and you are free to move one bed into the common area, to create separate sleep areas if both flatmates agree and prefer this option.

Accommodation types

  • Single studio of 24 m2 for 1 tenant (SEK 7400 per monthly)
  • Shared studio of 36 m2 for 2 tenants (SEK 5500 per month per tenant)
  • One-bedroom flat of 49-51 m2 for 2 tenants, shared bedroom with single beds (SEK 6700 per month per tenant)
  • Two-bedroom flat of 66 m2 for 3 tenants
    • (1 single bedroom, SEK 6700 per month per tenant)
    • (1 shared bedroom with single beds, 6000 SEK per month per tenant)
  • Five-bedroom flat of 111 sqm for 6-7 tenants
    • (3 single bedrooms, SEK 6700 per month per tenant)
    • (1-2 shared bedrooms single beds, SEK 6000 per month per tenant)


SEK 5500-7400 per month per tenant. The rent includes water, electricity and internet.

The above rent prices starts with effect from August 1st 2023. The increase is due to increased rental costs from the landlords.


Gamla Norrtäljevägen 103A & 130B, 187 30 Täby.
The closest train station is Roslags Näsby (10 minute walk).
See location on Google Maps .

Example of kitchen of Gamla Norrtäljevägen
Example of living space/shared bedroom in Gamla Norrtäljevägen