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Information for students living at Gamla Norrtäljevägen 103A, 103B.


Take Roslagsbanan tram line R27/R28 from Östra Station. Get off at the stop "Roslags Näsby station". Exit the station to the left, follow Stationsvägen, and turn left onto Raka vägen until you reach Gamla Norrtäljevägen. Turn left on Gamla Norrtäljevägen and you will see the buildings on the right side of the street.

Map to Gamla Norrtäljevägen 103 here

Contract and keys

Upon arrival you will receive one key for the apartment and one electronic key for the laundry, garbage room and bicycle room. There will be one key for the postbox, per flat. You are responsible for your keys; if you lose them, you will have to pay the cost of a new lock. Information about the cost of this will be updated here shortly.

If you misplace your key during office hours, you can borrow an extra key temporarily at KTH Entré. If you misplace your key evenings or at weekends, it is up to you if you want to contact a locksmith and pay for this service, or stay with a friend and wait until the office is open again.



Stoves are installed with a “child lock” on the stove knob, meaning you need to press the handle inwards before you turn it. Please be aware, if you do not press the knob towards the stove before turning it you break the handle by turning the knob.

House rules 

  • As many of the flats are shared, please remember that all students are responsible for keeping the common areas clean and tidy. Talk with your flatmates about cleaning routines.
  • There should be no loud noise between 10 pm and 7 am. If disturbances are extreme or recurring, please let us know and make a report to the police, phone 11414.
  • Please leave the laundry rooms clean and tidy after using them.
  • Do not store items in the hallways outside the rooms, as this is an escape route.


Internet access is provided by Tele2 and is included in the rent. Broadband 100/100 is included. The tenants pay for any extra services.

How to connect to internet in your room

To start the service call Tele2 Customer Service on telephone at 0775-17 17 20 press 1, wait, then press #. Opening hours Weekdays 08.00-19.00 and Saturdays 09.00-15.00

They will need your name, address and birthdate. Only one tenant in each apartment needs to sign up.

For technical support: Tele2 Customer Service on telephone at 0775-17 17 20

The tenant on the lease for internet is responsible for ending the subscription when moving out.

Do you have any questions or need to make a fault report?

General fault report 

It is important to report if there is something wrong with the room. A caretaker will fix it as soon as possible. If you see any vermin (bedbugs) in your room, please make a fault report immediately. 

Make a fault report online


For questions regarding keys, invoices or contracts please email us at

Emergency fault report outside office hours

If you have urgent matters (for example a water leak or dangerous electrical faults) outside office hours (16.30- 8.00), call 08-695 00 00. Use the regular fault report above during office hours.