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Information for students living at Teknikringen 45, 47, 58A, 68A or 70A.


Teknikringen is located on the main campus. Walk up Osquars Backe from the Tekniska Högskolan metro station for about 5 minutes, and you will read Teknikringen. You will see the tall red brick buildings: Teknikringen 58A on your right side, and 68A and 70A around the corner of Operahögskolan, across the road. Teknikringen 45 and 47 is located between Brinellvägen and Operahögskolan.

Map to Teknikringen here

Keys and locks

Activate the key

Upon arrival, you will receive an electronic key for the entrance door, booking and access to laundry room, and your apartment.

You need to activate the electronic key at the key reader at the building entrance door every time you enter; otherwise, you may not be able to enter your apartment.

Locking and unlocking instructions

Make sure always to lock the apartment door when leaving. To lock the door: place your tag at the key reader outside your apartment door. If you wish to lock the door when you are home inside: open the door, place your tag at the key reader outside your apartment door, shut the door.

Do not push the inside door handle up - if you share apartment, the next person trying to enter may not be able to open. The inside door handle will always get you out of the apartment, but opening it will not change the settings you have made with your tag.

If you misplace your key

If you misplace your key during office hours you can borrow an extra key temporarily at KTH Entré, please email . If you misplace your key on evenings or weekends, it is up to you if you want to contact Saps/Securitas emergency services (scroll down to "Contact and fault report" for details) and pay for this service, price starting from 2500 SEK, or stay with a friend and wait until the KTH Entré is open again.

The bedroom doors should not be able to lock, but if you accidentally lock it the code is 4444.


Household garbage

  • Disposal bins are located outside Teknikringen 68A, across the road.
  • Please note that these bins are meant for household trash only.
  • Always put your garbage in a garbage bag, securely tied togheter before disposal.

How to open windows

 The windows can be opened in two ways, tilted or opened normally.

Photos of how to open and close the window correctly

If you have trouble with opening or closing the windows, make a fault report for assistance.

Fault report KTH Accommodation


  • The laundry room for building 58A, 68A and 70A is located by the entrance of building 68A. The laundry room for building 45 and 47 is located in building 45 on the second floor.
  • You can book the laundry room on the screens at the entrances with your electronic key, each tenant has four bookings per month and it is free of charge. Washing detergent is already included and is automatically provided during washing.
  • Please clean the lint filters after drying (or the laundry won't dry properly) and leave the laundry rooms clean and tidy after using them.


  • Mailboxes are located at the entrances of the buildings, you receive one mailbox key per apartment.
  • Make sure that your name is on the postbox. Email if the name slip is incorrect.
  • When registering your address with the Swedish Tax Office, use the four last digits of the apartment number. The full apartment number is stated on your contract.


All houses use the recycling room on the backside of house 47. Flatten all packaging, sort your trash and throw it in the correct bin. Signs are both in Swedish and English.

Bicycle room

In the basement of SKH Opera buliding, with entrance from level -1 on the side opposite of Teknkringen 68A building, there is a bicycle room for residents in Teknikringen buildings. Use your key tag to enter. You may need to activate the key first time by holding it towards the reader for 10 seconds.

Fire safety

All apartments have smoke detector alarms installed and it is absolutely forbidden to remove the batteries and/or the device. Without a smoke detector installed, you are risking your own and others safety and your home insurance will not be valid in case there is an incident.

Please also note that if the smoke detector should go off, even if there is no fire, for instance when cooking, there is no cost involved.

The buildings are designed so that each one of the apartments is a fire cell. In case of a fire in one of the apartments, it will be contained inside as long as the door is closed. There is an automatic fire safety system in the building, with ventilation/fans, that is triggered by smoke.

In case of fire in your apartment, go out of the apartment, close the door firmly and call 112.

House rules

  • There should be no loud noise between 10:00 PM and 7.00 AM. If disturbances are extreme or recurring, please let us know and make a report to the police, phone 11414.
  • Please leave the laundry rooms clean and tidy after using them.
  • Do not store items (like bicycles) on the walkway outside the rooms, as this is an escape route.
  • This is a non-smoking building, you are not allowed to smoke in your apartment or the common areas. To show respect for the other tenants don't smoke outside the entrance doors.


Internet access is not included in the rent. You will need two ethernet cables, or one cable and a router to connect your computer in the room. You will choose an internet provider through Open Universe. Please call 0046-(0)770-825555 and press 1. They will guide you on which internet service providers are available without a Swedish personal number.

Do you have any questions or need to make a fault report?

General fault report

If there is something wrong with your accommodation, you need to Make a fault report online  or by calling 08-790 9200. We will cooperate with the landlord's caretakers to solve your issue as soon as possible. If you see any vermin, for example bedbugs, in your room, you need to make a fault report immediately.


For general questions regarding keys, invoices or contract please email us at

Emergency fault report outside office hours

If you have urgent matters (for example a water leak or dangerous electrical faults) outside office hours (16.30- 8.00), call Akademiska Hus emergency line and Securitas jour number, 010-557 24 00. If the incident is caused by the tenant, the tenant will be liable for payment. If your emergancy relates to your key, we recommend first reading the infomation above under the headline "Keys and locks". Use the regular fault report above during office hours.