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KTH's newsletter for students

KTH's newsletter for students is sent to the email address you registered in Ladok. The newsletter is sent once a month, and the content is a compilation of events that may be important or interesting to know, such as news, important dates or tips on upcoming events.

Did you not receive the newsletter? Start by checking your spam folder. Contact  if you do not find any newsletters. Please note that if you have once unsubscribed from the newsletter, you must contact  to be added again.


Do you have tips for the newsletter? Email to . Tips must be received no later than seven days before publication.

Publication plan

Academic year 2023-2024

  • Monday 15 April
  • Monday 6 May

Academic year 2024-2025

  • Tuesday 27 August
  • Monday 30 September
  • Monday 28 October
  • Monday 2 December
  • Tisdag 14 January
  • Monday 10 February
  • Monday 17 March
  • Monday 7 April
  • Monday 5 May

Previously posted newsletters