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Information during your studies

As a student, you are responsible for making sure that you are up to date regarding information about your studies. Here is an overview of KTH's digital channels to provide you with information.

Personal menu

The personal menu is your entrance to your studies, available throughout once logged in. Here you will get an overview and links to the following:

  • courses (course PM, syllabus, course room in Canvas)
  • programmes (programme room in Canvas)
  • schedule
  • student services, such as course registration, study results and group room booking

Personal menu

The Student web and newsletter

The Student Web ( contains study information that is open to everyone:

  • programme plans
  • course syllabuses, course PMs, course analyses, historical documentation about the course
  • news and calendar
  • information about studying at KTH, support and guidance, IT and digital services, contact information
  • certain programme-specific information (for instance contact details and exchange universities)

Student web

Based on the Student web's content, a newsletter is sent monthly to all students to remind them of news, important dates, and tips with links to Studentweb.


Course room in Canvas 

When you have registered for a course you will automatically get access to the course room in Canvas. The course room gathers:

  • course material and other relevant information from your teachers
  • communication with your teachers and other students through discussion forums and announcements
  • hand-in assignments
  • any quizzes
  • get feedback and see assessments and results (the results should be regarded as preliminary and not as the examiner's grade decision)

Canvas - information and guides

Programme room in Canvas

When registered on a programme, you get access to a programme room in Canvas. You will get access to both programme rooms if you are registered on more than one programme. You will get access to the programme room after you have course registered for the first time. The programme room is closed and can only be accessed by students on the programme. The programme room collects:

  • programme-specific information that should only be available to the programme's students
  • links to the Student Web related to the programme studies
  • important deadlines and information sessions
  • files from the programme
  • communication between programme management and students

Canvas - information and guides