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Administrate your studies

As a student, you are responsible for administering your studies, such as registering for courses and programmes and registering for courses or exams. Almost all administration is done through Ladok for students. Some matters, such as credit transfer and re-registration, you need to send to KTH.

On this page you will find important ways you can administrate your studies. Navigate between headings using the links below.

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Apply for courses

As a student enrolled in a programme at KTH, you are responsible for applying for the programme courses you will be taking during the next semester.

Course application

Register for exams

You must register in Ladok for exams during exam periods and less extensive exams, such as control writing.


Register via Ladok

Apply for credit transfer

If you believe that you have already acquired skills through your previous studies (at a Swedish higher education institution or a similar institution overseas) that correspond to the content of your current programme, you can apply for a credit transfer.

Credit transfer

Apply for grade raising

You might be eligible for a grade raise in your course or course components. By this, you are doing a re-exam, despite having already passed. The intention is to achieve a higher grade.

Grade raising

Request for review of grade

As a student, you cannot appeal a grade. However, you can request a review of the grade decision.

Review of grade

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Last changed: Jan 25, 2023