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Certificates of academic results

You can download different types of certificates yourself via Ladok for students. A control code on the certificate proves its authenticity, so no signature from KTH is needed.

Download certificates via Ladok

Download via Ladok

The certificates are obtained through the service "Certificates" in Ladok. The certificates you can download (in Swedish or in English) are:

  • Certificate of anticipated participation
  • National official transcript of records (collective certificate of your university studies in Sweden)
  • Certificate of registration
  • Official transcript of records

For Alumni

In Ladok for Alumni, former students who no longer have a KTH account can access degree certificates and transcripts.

Course certificates

A course certificate is proof that you have completed a course. Course certificates can be issued for stand-alone courses, contracted courses or courses within continued professional development. If you are a programme student and need a certificate for a particular course, you can print out the certificate you need yourself via Ladok.

Order course certificate

You order a course certificate for a course completed at KTH with a passed result by sending an email to . Enter your name, which course code it applies to, and which semester you took the course. The course certificate is for one course. If you have read several courses, you can order one course certificate per course. You can order them at the same time. We do not issue a course certificate several times, but if you have previously received a course certificate (from November 2021) and need the file again, you send an email to  and ask for the file again.

The course certificate is digital and sent to your e-mail address as stated in Ladok. Check which e-mail you have entered under "My tasks". If you do not have access to login information and you have a Swedish social security number, you can create an eduID for logging in to Ladok.

Do you have any questions about certificates?

We have gathered common questions and answers at FAQ Ladok . If you do not find the answer to your question there, feel free to contact .