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FAQ Ladok

Here you will find the most common questions and answers about Ladok.

User tips for Ladok

Browser recommendation

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. The mobile interface is constantly evolving. For example, exam registration is easier to find and use via computer.

If you have studied at other universities/higher education institutions

If you study or have studied at several universities in Sweden, you can use the service "Change higher education institution" in Ladok for students  and see your information from the other university.

Automatic login to wrong university/higher education institution

If you have an account at another university, you may encounter problems when logging in. It may be that you are automatically connected to the other university. You have to clear your settings by visiting this link: ​​ Clear settings . Then log in again and choose KTH Royal Institute of Technology as the identity service provider.

Access your information in Ladok for students when you are no longer studying

You can create an account via eduID  (only with a Swedish national identity number) which serves as a login to Ladok for students at all higher education institutions in Sweden that use Ladok. If you have login information for  or , they also work when logging in.

Log in with eduID or a different option

Click on Ladok for students  and click "Select university", enter for example eduid in the search field and then select eduID Sweden.

In the future, select eduID, not KTH, in the list of higher education institutions when you log in. You can delete KTH as an alternative. 

Frequently asked questions about Ladok (FAQ)

If the FAQ does not answer your questions, please contact .

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